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Lili has established herself as one of the most influential artistic talents in Latin America. The artist was born in Asunción Paraguay, and her work is internationally acclaimed providing a different perspective of art using clothing and accessories as the main support. Lili has also found inspiration in sports, especially soccer, using unconventional artistic supports such as soccer cleats to recreate life stories through art. For the artist, each work is a challenge, and that is what encourages her to always seek new supports for her art and accept great challenges for her artistic career. He has collaborated with various brands and created exclusive works of art for various personalities within soccer such as Lionel Messi, Carles Puyol, Ronaldinho, among others. The artist's work has been recognized nationally and internationally and was shared by different media around the world such as CNN, Fox Sports, The New York Times, USA Today, Univisión, Telemundo, Tigo Sports, TV Azteca, among others.



The interdisciplinary fusion between art, fashion, and culture is the main concept of the artist's style, based on the use of unconventional supports for the creation of her works. His works of art, far from posing in art museums, take over the real world, from day to day, and in some cases, even the field of play, scoring goals or making life itself one of the most fun and peculiar art galleries. The narrative of his work is based mainly on the creation of works of art inspired by life stories, in different cultures, in a variety of colors, and above all, in the deepest values ​​of the human essence to create unique works of art. and personalized. Her work stands out for being a mix of lines and colors, phrases and messages hidden in each stroke that, together with realistic images, complement the aesthetics of the final design, thus forming a composition of elements inspired by the world, in life.



Lili Cantero / Wearable Art is an artist-led brand whose mission is to tell stories through art, transform clothing elements and accessories into artistic projects that convey an inspiring message to the world, into unique pieces of art that become the voice of the people who use them. The brand aims to provide the customer with a different customization experience, making him part of the entire creative process, from the preparation of the sketch to painting on the different surfaces, thus making the user feel connected in a special way with the product. final being the axis of inspiration of the work of art. Among her next projects, the artist's main objective is to continue creating, expanding her art to different types of media, holding various thematic exhibitions around the world and launching her own clothing brand.